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For Sale

A nice group of knives. If you want an instant collection of late 1970's
and early 1980's Loveless knives. This is it. I will of course sell them
one at a time also. The Drop, stag, single nude, made in 1975

The little semi below is a very unique size, notice how it stacks up
against the drop at the top. The Reg. Semi should be about the
same size as the drop. This is Stag, improved handle, Brass insert
on the top, and a collar instead of finger guard. Very rare.
Blade is only 2 15/16" and width is 1/4" less than normal.

The 3rd knife is a one off It is not a Stiffhorn or a city knife.
This is one of a Kind "no name" little hunter. Blade is only
2 3/4" blade, small bolster.
R.W. Loveless Half Tang, he never made many of these
in any shape or size, much less with stag. I have seen
only about 4 with stag, the rest in Micarta. Super Rare.

Knife #4 is the original city knife. It has great stag, and
a longer bolster than the later city knives. 2" blade.
one of my favorite knives ever is the city knife original.

PRICE: Drop Point is $5,500.00
#2 little Semi is $6,500
#3 knife "no Name " is the Half Tang for $6,500 Don't think
you will see another one.
#4 Original City Knife is $6,000